Collaboration in Action

Explore the Transformative Resurgence Shaping the Future of the Inlet


Shaping Tomorrow:

Unveiling the Heart of Atlantic City's Revitalization

Explore the transformative initiatives shaping the heart of Atlantic City through our diverse projects. From rekindling the bond between horticultural appreciation and lasting agricultural tourism with The Hydrangea Trail 2.0 to witnessing the Inlet come alive through captivating art-murals, we invite you to join us on a journey of community-driven transformation. Discover the allure of Oscar McClinton Waterfront Park’s evolution with the introduction of McClinton Park Beach, a public beach seamlessly connected to the Inlet Boardwalk. Additionally, step into a future where students from the Atlantic City Institute of Technology enhance Fisherman’s Park, creating a vibrant and welcoming space for all to enjoy. Finally, witness the revitalization of Altmant Park, a 1.56-acre oasis poised for a rejuvenation that includes new amenities and a transformed landscape. Each project is a testament to our commitment to fostering community pride, celebrating nature, and creating vibrant public spaces that stand the test of time. Join us in shaping the future of the Inlet.

Project I

Hydrangea Trail 2.0

Blossoming from the Community

The Hydrangea Trail 2.0 endeavors to restore the connection between horticultural appreciation and sustained agricultural tourism for AC residents and visitors. Promoting the Hydrangea Trail 2.0 encourages knowledge of history and horticulture, conservation of native and introduced plants, and appreciation of the ways flowers reduce stress, create beauty, fuel community pride, and attract visitors as well as residents.

Project II

Altman Park

An Oasis nestled at 101 Pacific Avenue within Atlantic City's vibrant landscape

Exciting changes are on the horizon as the Inlet CDC collaborates with the City of Atlantic City to breathe new life into Altmant Park. Our revitalization plan envisions a transformed space, including the reactivation of public bathrooms, restoration of the existing pavilion and more.

Project III

Fisherman's Park

Future of Community Driven transformation

Step into a future of community-driven transformation as students from the Atlantic City Institute of Technology (ACIT) embark on an exciting endeavor to enhance Fisherman’s Park. Envisioned as a haven of landscaping and site improvements, this project includes the introduction of raised flower beds and more.

Project IV

McClinton Park Beach

a New Waterfront Haven in
Atlantic City

Discover the allure of Oscar McClinton Waterfront Park’s transformation with the introduction of McClinton Park Beach—a captivating addition to the Northeast section of Atlantic City. Spanning 4 acres, this waterfront oasis, adjacent to the Atlantic City Boardwalk, features a scenic pavilion, children’s play area, and a Boardwalk promenade.

Project V

Mural Art

A Collaborative Art Mural Project in the heart of Inlet

Get ready to witness the Inlet come alive through art! The Inlet CDC, in collaboration with Hot Bagels and the Atlantic City Arts Foundation (ACAF), is set to bring the essence of Atlantic City’s Inlet to the forefront with a stunning art-mural.

Join us in witnessing the renaissance of the Inlet, where the community’s collaborative spirit has given rise to the Inlet Revitalization Action Strategy.


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