Fisherman’s Park
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Fisherman’s Park Community Garden Project

The Inlet Community Development Corporation (CDC) has taken a leadership role in the Fisherman’s Park Community Garden project, collaborating with key partners to revitalize Fisherman’s Park.

This community-driven initiative involves students from the Atlantic City Institute of Technology (ACIT), who have actively contributed to a comprehensive improvement plan. The plan focuses on landscaping and site enhancements, featuring the strategic placement of raised flower beds and the construction of a storage shed within the park.

In a strategic partnership with the First Ward Civic Association, ACIT, NJ Fish & Wildlife, and with generous sponsorship from Ørsted, Inlet CDC has assumed ownership of the project. Their pivotal role includes finalizing the conceptualized plan and overseeing the execution of park improvements, with a targeted completion date set for 2024.

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400 Melrose Avenue

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Key components of the Fisherman’s Park revitalization project, under Inlet CDC’s ownership, include:

  • Raised Flower Beds for Aesthetic Enhancement:

    The addition of strategically placed raised flower beds aims to beautify Fisherman's Park, providing a visually appealing and vibrant landscape. 21 new 4x8 planter boxes will be built within the community garden, and a large natural native wildlife habitat will be installed.

  • Storage Shed for Practical Utilization:

    The construction of a storage shed serves a practical purpose, providing a dedicated space for the storage of tools and equipment essential for park maintenance. This addition aligns with Inlet CDC's vision for a well-maintained and functional public space.

The Fisherman’s Park is expected to break ground with field construction in early May, and be completed before June 2024!  

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Join us in witnessing the renaissance of the Inlet, where the community’s collaborative spirit has given rise to the Inlet Revitalization Action Strategy.


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