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Navigating the Inlet Revitalization Action Strategy

The Inlet Community Development Corporation 501(c)(3) was established in mid 2023. The Inlet Revitalization Action Strategy includes many community-endorsed initiatives that have been identified as critical for improving outcomes for neighborhood residents and businesses. Public meetings, focus groups, and individual interviews were conducted with Inlet residents and business owners with the goal of developing a Strategy that was truly resident driven. 

The strategies presented here will help to transition the community, provide new economic opportunities, encourage home ownership, and improve the quality of life. Over the next ten years, Atlantic Cape Community College will work with the Inlet CDC to implement action in the following six areas: 


Aerial flyover of the Inlet

Clean & Safe

Unsanitary conditions and illicit activity are major issues effecting  Atlantic City and the Inlet Neighborhood. Loitering and drug sales are all issues driving the  public away from the neighborhood and disincentivizing investment and homeownership.  Because many initiatives cannot proceed until these issues are addressed, making the  neighborhood clean and safe is an important aspect of this Strategy. 


Enhancing  home ownership by mitigating vacant property rates, improving home aesthetics, and  bringing non-compliant properties into compliance with the code is an important aspect of  this Strategy.

Art & Culture

Enhancing the culture of the Inlet by preserving its history, celebrating its diversity,promoting the arts, enhancing parks, and establishing youth programs is an  important aspect of this Strategy. 

Economic Development

The Inlet Neighborhood consists of many locally owned  small businesses , establishing strong support for businesses and enabling them to participate  in conversations regarding issues that impact the area 

Resiliency & Sustainability

Atlantic City and the Inlet Neighborhood constitute  a barrier island community, implementing action to make the community more resilient  and sustainable is an important aspect of this Strategy. 

Human Capital

Providing quality education and training for residents to become  gainfully employed,advance their careers, and develop leadership capacity is an important aspect  of this Strategy.

It Takes a Village

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Join us in witnessing the renaissance of the Inlet, where the community’s collaborative spirit has given rise to the Inlet Revitalization Action Strategy.


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