Floral Wonders Unleashed:

Unveiling The Hydrangea Trail 2.0 in the Heart of the Inlet

Embark upon the vibrant tapestry of The Hydrangea Trail

Rooted in the heart of Atlantic City’s Inlet, this transformative initiative seeks to revive the connection between horticultural appreciation and sustained agricultural tourism for both residents and visitors.

As you tread along The Hydrangea Trail 2.0, you’ll discover more than just flowers; it’s an odyssey of knowledge, history, and a celebration of the natural world. Embracing the significance of hydrangeas, this trail beckons you to explore the roots of our community, fostering an understanding of horticulture, conservation, and the profound impact of flowers in alleviating stress, creating beauty, and instilling a sense of community pride.

Blossoming Beauty

Headquartered in the scenic Gardner’s Basin of the Inlet neighborhood, The Hydrangea Trail 2.0 finds steadfast support, affiliation, and partnership from the Inlet CDC. Together, they aim to beautify the Inlet Neighborhood, infusing it with the vibrant colors and natural charm of hydrangea blooms. 

As we stride into 2024, The Inlet CDC, in collaboration with the Atlantic City Arts Foundation (ACAF), will extend its commitment beyond day-to-day support. A new initiative unfolds, enhancing the streetscape with planter pots adorned with Hydrangea flowers, creating a floral tapestry that weaves through brick-and-mortar businesses, further enriching the Inlet neighborhood. Join us in celebrating the harmonious blend of nature, history, and community spirit along The Hydrangea Trail 2.0.


Join us in witnessing the renaissance of the Inlet, where the community’s collaborative spirit has given rise to the Inlet Revitalization Action Strategy.


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