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Welcome to the Inlet Buzz Archives, where the vibrant energy and cherished memories of Atlantic City’s Inlet community come to life. Delve into our collection to revisit the exhilarating events, cultural celebrations, and community milestones that have shaped the essence of AC Inlet. From murals to community initiatives, this archive serves as a testament to the spirit and spirit of our neighborhood.

Join us as we journey through the past to celebrate the present and inspire the future of the Inlet.


Home Rehabilitation

ACIA And Inlet CDC completed the first two home rehabilitations as pat of our housing rehab / residential façade grant program

Design for this exciting project is completed, project bids have been received, and the final stages of planning and procurement are underway for this exciting project.  The Park is expected to break ground with field construction in early May, and be completed before June 2024!  

ACCC’s “Spring in Paris” Scholarship Fundraiser Gala was held on March 21st, 2024 at Harrah’s Waterfront Conference Center in Atlantic City. The Gala was able to achieve a record-breaking fundraising total of $306,210!  The Inlet CDC sponsored and the board attended this beautiful event.

In partnership with Weichert Realty on May 4th, 2024. The FREE class was be held at 524 Pacific Ave from 10:00am – 2:00pm and include a tour of Inlet properties currently listed on the market.  Patrons will learned about home ownership, perks of owning vs renting, financing, grant programs, and much more. 


Community Growth​

Inlet CDC was awarded $50,000 NJEDA Asset Activation & Planning Grant to perform a planning/feasibility study to Reactivate McClinton Park Beach!

Who’s getting a massive new mural?  The Inlet is getting a massive new mural!  The Atlantic City Arts Foundation will be installing their 100th mural in Atlantic City in the Spring of 2024 at 300 Atlantic Ave!

The Inlet CDC has awarded its first Commercial Façade Grant to Uptown Checking Co. on Atlantic Ave.  The Atlantic Ave is a focal point for the Inlet CDC revitalization strategy plan, and the Inlet CDC is proud to support façade beautification at this key location.

Inlet CDC, in collaboration with Midtown CDC, Ducktown CDC, and Chelsea EDC, was awarded a $1M ARTs grant to establish arts, gateway signs, a mural database, 40 way-finding signs throughout the city (10 in the Inlet), and 4 neighborhood gateway signs (1 for the Inlet)


Republic Bank Sponsorship

Republic Bank is a philanthropist that is contributing $22,000 to the Inlet CDC’s Small Business Support Services, part of the Inlet CDC’s Economic Development Initiative.  Through this initiative, the Inlet CDC will boost existing established small businesses through facade improvement grants, working capital grant programs, and sponsored community events.  The Inlet CDC is also working to establish additional resources and training for existing small businesses as well as new entrepreneurs that are aspiring to start a business in the Inlet Neighborhood.  The Inlet CDC is also partnering with the Atlantic City Arts Foundation and the Hydrangea Trail 2.0 to initiate a beautification effort by muralising planter pots and installing hydrangea flowers at the storefront of partnering Inlet businesses.  This kind donation will provide a great boost to the startup of many of these new programs which are in the initial stages of implementation

It Takes a Village

Our Supporters

Join us in witnessing the renaissance of the Inlet, where the community’s collaborative spirit has given rise to the Inlet Revitalization Action Strategy.


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